How To Install 6m Plasterboard

How To Install 6m Plasterboard

Well then. You will have become courageous and decided well i can avoid wasting cash right here if i sheet my 12m lounge room ceiling myself. However your probably wondering well what do i need to do to put in it correctly. Well here is a few easy advice i hope helps you along the way. Firstly you have to measure you room and work out all the sheets it’s essential get, remembering the biggest plasterboard sheet size you will get is 6m long.

After you have worked out what number of sheets you need, you will then need to think about labour, as in how many associates you will need to get it done. When you have a plasterboard sheet lifter like the one pictured beneath, then you will get away with sheeting your ceiling with you and your mate. For those who would not have one in every of these machines then the minimum you’ll need is 3 folks, but four is recommended. You possibly can how ever hire out these sheet lifters for around $50 a day so that is not bad value really compared to your mates wanting a carton of beer each and a free barbie.

Now to the sheeting part. Normally you’ll start towards a back wall, never in the middle, sometimes you have too, but usually against a back wall. In case your end is a sq. set finish it is advised to take of the 50ml recess on the edge of the first sheet while you begin, thus making your first sheet 1150ml wide and not the regular 1200ml. Whether it is cornice then you do not want to worry, as the cornice will cover the recessed edge. Earlier than you throw up your first sheet that you must glue it with a product called Stud Adhesive. You possibly can see some i installed on the ceilings below. Now the stud adhesive is placed on at 200ml, 400ml, leave the centre then 800ml and 1000ml. Have a look at the picture below to get a better understanding. The reason we don’t glue the centre is because that’s where we might be screwing the sheet, 2 x 25ml screws either side of the 600ml line. If i used to be to place glue there after which screw in the identical place it might cause problems because as the glue drys it pulls the sheet harder to the battens and can pull the head of the screw by the paper faced plasterboard.

Now also in case your room is longer then 6m you have to a butt be a part of, that is the place the ends of 2 sheets meet together in a ceiling or wall. Now as you’ll be able to see, my example sheet under stops halfway between 2 metal ceiling battens(these battens are put in at 450ml centres for 10ml sheet and 600ml centres for 13ml sheet), the reason for this is so the ceiling can be backed blocked (will explain this in a later publish) so it pitches up the place the be a part of meets. This permits the tradesman to trowel the butt join back to a flat level later. You will have to measure the plasterboard to ensure it does stop between 2 battens because it does not always work out that a full 6m will land in that position.

Now as soon as its glued and minimize to the best size you possibly can throw the sheet up making sure you screw with 25ml screws for 10ml or 32ml screws for 13ml sheet, both ends of the sheet on each batten and a pair of within the centre on both side of the 600ml line. Now this is the way its executed in Hobart, Devonport and Burnie, however in Launceston it’s screwed one other way, but this way is fine, less sanding later.

Just one final thing. When sheeting ceilings which might be bigger than 6m lengthy, be sure that butt joins are staggered at LEAST 600ml apart from the earlier sheet, you’ll be able to have them inline if there is a 1200 sheet between them however sheets subsequent to each other have to be staggered minimal 600ml to make it easier to hide the joins when trowelling.

Ok, now you understand how to throw up 6m lengthy plasterboard sheets, enjoy and have enjoyable with it, it is heavy work however it is not not possible for you to do in your own and save yourself a thousand’s of dollars within the process. plasterboard

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