FC Barcelona – The Rivalry With Real Madrid

So long as there have been sport teams, there have been rivalries. Whether or not it is the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox or the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, the 2 rival groups inevitably find yourself meeting repeatedly, forming an ongoing heated rivalry that delights fans of the sport. One such rivalry is between Spanish football teams FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

FC Barcelona (additionally known as Barça by its fans) and Real Madrid are two of the earliest Spanish football teams, each forming in the 1890s. From the beginning, the 2 teams were seen as representatives of rival areas of Spain, the ancient kingdoms of Castile and Catalonia. Each groups have been a part of La Liga, a Spanish football league and a rivalry that went far past football rapidly took root.

It was throughout and after the Spanish Civil War that the rivalry took on more political overtones. Dictator Francisco Franco banned all peripheral languages, comparable to Catalan, the language of Barcelona. Catalonia had long been related to more progressive fashions and political concepts, resembling democracy-which was the diametric opposite of Franco’s dictatorial regime. FC Barcelona suffered because of being a part of the Catalonian culture. Real Madrid, then again, was seen by many Spaniards (and Catalonians specifically) because the “institution” club. Although Franco seemed to favor Real Madrid, members of each groups suffered under his regime.

The fierce rivalry continued into the 1950s when both clubs sought to sign Alfredo Di Stefano to play for them. Real Madrid ultimately won out and Alfredo Di Stefano went on to lead them to many wins. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid went head-to-head twice on the European Cup in the Nineteen Sixties, with Real Madrid profitable one and FC Barcelona profitable the other. The two teams clashed once once more over a player in 2000 when Luis Figo left FC Barcelona and signed with Real Madrid. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid competed in opposition to each other once more within the UEFA Champions League semi-last in 2002, with Real Madrid getting the win. The Spanish media dubbed the match “The Match of the Century”.

In the mid-2000s, the rivalry ascended to further heights when it acquired its own name, El Clasico. The time period El Clasico was traditionally assigned to any South American football rivalry, but the progress of football in the Americas coupled with these great teams’ rivalry led to the coining of the time period as applied to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. This was largely a advertising scheme communicated by way of GolTV, an all-football satellite channel, but the term has been embraced by fans worldwide.

El Clasico shows no signs of slowing. To this very day, the two teams inevitably seek each other out on the sphere to seek out out who is one of the best group in Spain. Generally FC Barcelona wins and generally Real Madrid wins, however in the end football fans worldwide are those who win every time these giants meet on the field.

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La Liga Guidelines for Non-European Players

La Liga or La Liga BBVA is the top-level professional club football competitors in Spain. It is considered one of the in style as well as aggressive domestic leagues throughout the world, with English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 being other most considered nationwide leagues. Just like every football league on the earth, La Liga can also be guided by specific rules as prepared by the Spanish football authority in alignment with the FIFA guidelines. Let us now take a closer have a look at the La Liga guidelines for the non-EU players.

Rules for Non-European Players in La Liga

In response to the foundations in La Liga, a club enjoying in the high division Spanish football league shouldn’t be allowed to recruit more than three non-EU players. The identical determine is 2 for the second division football clubs (LigaAdelate). The clubs within the Segunda Division B are usually not allowed to recruit any non-EU player. The clubs relegated to the second or third division are, however, permitted to retain the non-EU players till their contracts expire.

In line with a call adopted by the Spanish Federation, the groups taking part in in La Liga and the second division football in the country should make an optimum use of the rules and construct their squads with the foreign payers as many as permissible by the authority.

Citizenship for Foreign Players

As per La Liga guidelines, the players can declare citizenship of Spain from their native lands. A non-European player can apply for Spanish citizenship. Nonetheless, he must play for five years in Spain so as to be eligible for Spain citizenship. Furthermore, the players arriving from Caribbean, African and the Pacific counties (commonly referred to as ACP nations) aren’t included within the non-EU category as a result of Kolpak Ruling.


From La Liga, we will head our strategy towards English Premier League side Arsenal. Fondly called as the Gunners, they are one of the most successful Premier League sides in England. At present managed by Arsene Wenger, Arsenal have their own dwelling ground at the Emirates Stadium. They’ve produced among the big names on this planet football and attracted several high-tier players to London.

Achievements by Arsenal

Arsenal has a great number of silverware in their collection. The club has won Premier League titles thirteen times. They won their final Premier League title in 2004 and presently lead the league table to make it 14 in their profile. They have won FA Cup 12 times of their history and lifted FA Group Shield.

Arsenal honors should not limited to only achievements within domestic discipline but also prolonged to international level. They’ve won UEFA Champions League as well as former UEFA Europa League (Former UEFA Cup). They’re additionally the winner of FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. In 1994, Arsenal wrapped up UEFA Cup Winners Cup.

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